TR PM Unconferences: Avoiding Clubiness

Golf is a great game, but growing up, one aspect of it really used to grate.

I really dislike the club mentality that sometimes comes with the game. It seems to have become a lot more open and democratic in recent years, but growing up in North Leeds we were surrounded by several golf clubs. The exclusivity, the blazers, the ties, the silly socks, the pomposity, the hierarchies and cliques in oak clad rooms made my skin crawl.

I pick on golf for the sake of an example. It is a bit unfair as clubbiness breaks out in lots of other clubs too. I have noticed this in cricket and sailing clubs (though not generally in sailors).

I am not a project manager. But I am a fan of them. I also manage projects. Lots of people who don’t carry the label have to do this. If we set up a project every time we installed a bench things would get really slow.  But take a look at the photo at the top of the blog.  It shows why many of us need some basic project management skills.

There are I hope some people coming to our ThomsonReuters PM Unconferences in September who are secret PMs like me, and others who aspire to be project managers but aren’t there yet.

They are most welcome.

My introduction to unconferences, blogging etc,  came from my being invited to an HR Unconference last year. I am not in HR either, but they let me in. I think one or two eyebrows got raised, but I was made hugely welcome and made some new friends and learned lots. Now look what has happened.  More on this in a post here from Diane Taylor-Cummings (@DianeTC1) tomorrow.

It is almost inevitable that I will discover that golf is a great game at some point and have another ex smoker moment. I hope they let me in!!

As ever, I would love to know what you think. (The copyright for that phrase is held by @AlisonChisnell by the way!)



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