Half Lives and Sling Shots #trpm12

Last week we held the TR PM Unconference in London.  This event and the one in New York next week include some non TR people, so I am sharing some of the blogs leading up to and following the events here.

It looks like we enjoyed London.  The half life of that pleasure is hours or days though. It has all but decayed now.

We took some energy out of it. The half life of that passion is days, maybe weeks. I still feel it, but the clock is ticking.

After the London event, 10 people got in touch to express an interest in actively helping us get better at project management.

We have the New York event next week. I saw the Pecha Kuchas for this event today.  Four people with busy day jobs, one of whom isn’t a project manager but who has the skill and who values the role, have put a tremendous amount of energy into preparing these intense and personal pieces.  I am utterly amazed by and hugely grateful to them.

At New York I hope that a few more people will emerge, if we connect these advocates to the London set, we have an extended core to join with those working on standards and ways of working. If this core includes a few non TR PMs and people from PMI then so much the better. It certainly needs to extend to all those who couldn’t make London or New York.

If we achieve this sling shot between London, New York and turn the pleasure and passion to the purpose of accelerating our getting better at project management, then we will have achieved something and, better still, made a few new friends on the way.


5 thoughts on “Half Lives and Sling Shots #trpm12

    • Chris

      It was a hoot. Shame I am missinbg the NY event but that will be excellent also. I got to see the PKs yesterday and they are insightful, beautifully prepared and occasionally hilarious.

      I am free Mon or Tue next week.


  1. Sounds like plans are falling into place nicely for this second bite of the face to face cherry. If my current experiences in Ohio are repeated next week in The Big Apple then I predict useful fun in abundance.

    • I hope you get some rest. It sounds a bit full on, while enjoyable. We continue to get good feedback. Another message today from the Nottingham contingent. Lessons learned in London are being applied and the PK rehearsal yesterday was a highlight in a truly mad week.

      I still have a couple of guest blogs up my sleeve.



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