Humour in the work place, just for laughs or much needed humaniser?

While I get Stuart to add a Share button or two, I thought I would share this on his behalf.

This is very Stuart. We often discuss the stresses and strains of our working lives and how, if having a laugh (pretty often) makes it more enjoyable.

Stuart is an expert in lots of things, most notably, money laundering (yes, really) .




I guess the best place for me to start my first blog post will be on the subject of humour. That is, humour in the workplace.  You see, and I take a big painful pause before typing this, I am considered a funny guy. It’s a statement I hate to make; I really do, as I do not consider myself funny but other people insist that I am. I consider myself a grumpy bastard with a cynical bent who has a love of language and, especially, a well crafted turn of phrase. Oh, and I am not afraid to say how things are.

Humour and the workplace need to co-exist. If I were to turn up every day to throw ourselves into the grinder without a close colleague’s wry sarcastic quip on my new shoes or hearing the latest disaster to befall Clive from Sales as he tries in vain…

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