Kicking the backside out of it

Shall we aspire to:

The singular fun of transient Pleasure?


The shared enjoyment of sustained Passion?


The defining fulfilment of realised Purpose?

I choose all three. I choose to:

Meet new people in the foothills,

Make new friends when it inevitibly gets tough,

Reach the top together.


See another summit,

Start again, with one or two of our new friends.

A couple of years ago I began adding as an objective of all projects, that we enjoy it.

Back then I felt brave adding it on at the end. Now I put it down first. I insist we kick the  backside out of it.

Do you?


9 thoughts on “Kicking the backside out of it

  1. I think you got too much fresh air this weekend Mr A. Either that or you went for a ramble with Friedrich Nietszche.

    I would chose all three, but at different times. I think combining transient Pleasure with realised Purpose is a constant post-structuralist challenge. I do acknowledge that this is in conflict to the absolute idealism propounded by Hegel but it clearly can’t be used in situations where such contradictions between nature and freedom or immanence and transcendence are so apparent.

    Don’t you think ?

    • I am guessing you have jet lag ?

      I had had a lot of fresh air when I wrote that.

      Not surprisingly, a few minutes after posting that one I collapsed in an exhausted heap.

      Then thought it would be a great idea to fly to Capetown and do two long insanely back to back days.

      This whole, “what doesn’t kill you”, lark does rather depend on it not killing you which is starting to look like a rash assumption.


  2. Sounds like “it” is kicking the arse out of you, Allinson. Granted…not quite as philosophical a comment as Mr. Friday Food’s… but perhaps more accurate. At any rate, the combination of enjoyment and arse-kicking is immensely appealing. In fact, there are a few I would really enjoy kicking… 🙂

    • I must confess that by the end of this week I had caved in. Though it was the airports, fog and cancelled flights that did it.

      Still, we made good use of the queuing time as I recall 🙂


    • Thanks, I stole that set from a book I read a year ago (Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh) which in turn I recall borrowed it from somewhere else.

      Recently it occurred to me that it was a useful way of describing why fun is fine but simply not enough.

      By the way, I keep meaning to join the praise for Truly Madly Deeply without making a fool of myself. It is a huge favourite of mine also. I continue to enjoy your blog and saved Maximum Consumption for a flight last week.


      • Oh you will not be making a fool of yourself! Everyone should love Truly, Madly, Deeply and Dead Poets’ Society. If I ruled the world I would make them mandatory viewing.

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