Around The World in 80 Days (ish) – A reblog of sorts

This one got posted on the TR web site but I thought I would share it here also.

There is a link to a Prezi embedded in this post. though the link is small and easy to miss.  A colleague, Carla Chynoworth did that.  I really like it.
Happy New Year

2 thoughts on “Around The World in 80 Days (ish) – A reblog of sorts

  1. A wonderful idea! Shame you didn’t sponsor the book on its travels! On your more serious point, the “softer” elements of our working environment are often the hardest to get right. But we are all soft, warm bodies and if you can get people communicating in this or any other way, I agree it makes for a better working environment and therefore better work. Happy New Year. Keep asking the difficult questions as my brain hasn’t quite woken up for 2014!

    • Hi,

      I read a good book the year before last, A Hard Nosed Approach to the Soft Stuff. MacKinsey. How to do the soft stuff on purpose, very simple, as is the way with those clever MacKinsey types. This example was verging on the silly but as it turned out, more effective end of the spectrum. It was a total hoot.

      There is the possibility of some more brain stretching stuff appearing here in the near future.

      Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy your posts.



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