Your vote may not change the result, but it still counts if it made you think what you stand for and how you live your life.

Use it.



6 thoughts on “X

    • I see what you mean but I suspect that people not voting is more a comment on the quality of our politics.

      I think we ought to pay our politicians a lot more, at least double, probably more.

      Anyway, I’ve decided that on almost all matters except one there is little to differentiate. That is leading me to a voting decision wholly at odds with my 29 year old habit.

      My vote will count for little, but the thinking has been very useful.

      • The only bloodless way of changing the world, and that’s why your vote counts the most whether you care to use it or not. As Vladimir Nabokov once wrote:

        “Democracy is humanity at its best, not because we happen to think that a republic is better than a king, and a king is better than nothing and nothing is better than a dictator, but because it is the natural condition of every man since the human mind became conscious not only of the world but of itself. Morally, democracy is invincible.”

  1. That’s a good quote. And I know what you mean about the difficulty of differentiating between the main parties. My decision in the end has been decided on the basis of the best local candidate. Not ideal, but at least it has some credence for me. Roll on May 8….or perhaps the conclusion of the formation of whatever grouping we end up with. Power to the people eh?

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