Thank You Scotland

The Scots are about to demonstrate an important principle.

We plainly can’t ask the Brexit question again, just because 48.1% of us think we got it wrong. That’s not how democracy works.

But then the Scots are about to do just that. Ask the independence question again.

They can, because there is new information, a material change in the circumstances. Fairly obviously, that’s that Britain has decided to leave the EU and they don’t want to.

Given the margin on the 23rd which while clear was still small, it’d be interesting to see what constitutes “new information” for Britain as a whole.

Will the exposure of some of the suspected lies count? I say, “suspected”…

Will the effect on the Union dawn on and shock people? I said previously how worried I am about NI.

Will the reality that emerges in negotiations count? The fairly obvious fact that we won’t get what we want.

What might really make the difference, driven by those emerging facts, is a dramatic opinion poll, say a 58/42 In/Out split. For now, let’s not rush, if we are still happy to leave as a nation in a few months, I’ll roll with it, we will work it out, crazy though I think it is.

The thing is, democracy is an iterative process, as the Scots are about to demonstrate.

Thanks guys.


I Am A European



I have been away for the week.  I voted by proxy.  When I landed back here this morning it occurred to me I was an unwelcome alien in my own country. I am a European citizen living in the UK.  Just like lots of people from Poland and other European states are.

I’m not sure a referendum can take that European citizenship away from me,  it’s mine.  I certainly don’t want to lose it and I am wondering what choices I have to remain one.

Perhaps I can apply to be a European citizen? Could I have dual nationality, be European and be British but have two passports? Or must I select another EU nation to affiliate with, perhaps Belgium to be neutral, Polish to make a point or Scottish for convenience.

It would be interesting if 10s of millions of us did something like this. The most likely route being some form of dual nationality.

How do I apply for some form of European citizenship? It is what I choose and I am going to have it thank you.

You cannot take away from me who I am. It is not that I won’t let you, or that it isn’t fair, you actually, simply cannot. I am a European.