Thank You Scotland

The Scots are about to demonstrate an important principle.

We plainly can’t ask the Brexit question again, just because 48.1% of us think we got it wrong. That’s not how democracy works.

But then the Scots are about to do just that. Ask the independence question again.

They can, because there is new information, a material change in the circumstances. Fairly obviously, that’s that Britain has decided to leave the EU and they don’t want to.

Given the margin on the 23rd which while clear was still small, it’d be interesting to see what constitutes “new information” for Britain as a whole.

Will the exposure of some of the suspected lies count? I say, “suspected”…

Will the effect on the Union dawn on and shock people? I said previously how worried I am about NI.

Will the reality that emerges in negotiations count? The fairly obvious fact that we won’t get what we want.

What might really make the difference, driven by those emerging facts, is a dramatic opinion poll, say a 58/42 In/Out split. For now, let’s not rush, if we are still happy to leave as a nation in a few months, I’ll roll with it, we will work it out, crazy though I think it is.

The thing is, democracy is an iterative process, as the Scots are about to demonstrate.

Thanks guys.


2 thoughts on “Thank You Scotland

  1. I have read your last posts with interest; it’s the human, personal face of the debate that has raged around us for months and still fills every news bulletin and headlines red top and broadsheet alike. I found myself agreeing/disagreeing with both Brexit and Remain on various issues and I would guess that many people wavered when placing their cross. I think we are in for one hell of a ride and look forward to political parties having to work together to achieve a fair outcome for the UK. Or am I back in my fantasy world….?

  2. I found it easy in the end, no surprises, to vote to remain. I wavered a few weeks ago. It is not simple. I am also realising this is not really a binary, in / out. I am sure in some legal sense it is, but what follows is a negotiation.

    I agree this could be a turbulent ride and that the challenge.

    I have also been very upset by the way our leaders behaved (with few exceptions) through the campaign and continue to do so after it, though I am seeing some improvement today.

    That is a particular concern as we now depend on them to create stability and a settlement that reflects the balance the people voted for in the context of European institutions that may not be either willing or able to do so.

    It will work out. We really need to be nice to each other and good people need to show the way.

    Nice to speak to you again.

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