Pride and Shame

A free press is a fundamental component of our democracy.

A press that expresses views is a natural consequence of that.

A press that declares other components of democracy to be the enemies of the people as a whole and enemies of democracy itself is either stupid or corrupt. I don’t care which. Either way they’re wrong, factually, morally or both.

I’m ashamed of the press in Britain. You are failing to fulfill your role and damaging our great democracy. Attacking judges goes way beyond mere hypocrisy (we were after all “taking back control” and reasserting “sovereignty”) it is an act of fascism.

I bought ALL the main stream papers today.  This is a bit blurred and of course they are not all rabid but I thought I’d mark this dark day for our press with a collection:


I’m ashamed of my government for its deceitful assertion that our advice to leave carried any clarity as to why and how we should do so.

I’m proud of our democracy for refusing to lie down, asserting sovereignty, taking back control and insisting on scrutiny and accountability. I can’t be sure, we weren’t asked, but I think that is in large part what Leave wanted.


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