Risk Anyone?


I wouldn’t want my Christmas (it’s my right for it to be a magical experience) to be in any way marred.

Because my children are older, I was first up. Coffee duty fulfilled and dog fed, I read a brilliant blog while the kettle boiled.


By David Snowden (no relation to Edward, or is he…).

It’s basically about the difficulty of arguing with stupidity.

Annoyingly, it being my special day, it got me thinking. I decided to write to clear my head, while selfishly spoiling your day. Sorry. Though if you’re stupid enough to read blogs on Christmas Day you’ve only yourself to blame.

That post reminded me of a time many years ago when we were struggling to implement some change or other. I became frustrated and complained to a colleague of a conspiracy to obstruct us.

My colleague sighed and said, “It’s worse than that, it’s incompetence and stupidity”.

“Why is that worse?”

“You can fight a conspiracy, stupidity is quite random and much more difficult to counter”.

Actually he was less polite than that.

Of course it’s not impossible to counter stupidity, it takes education which takes time, resource and intent. It’s also more than possible that the stupidity was ours, and we just weren’t very good at managing change. I suspect some listening on our part might have helped. He had a point though.

Like all the best problems, the first step is recognition.

And so (beginning sentences with “and so” is part of the stupidity zeitgeist, keep up) on to 2016, the year of stupidity (or more likely the year I noticed an entire era had begun).

There is a lot more to 2016 than this, but in just one example of our new found passion for the cretinous, we have been brilliantly played by Putin, and become divided in the process.

Want to destabilise the EU? Let’s tip a self serving referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU with a refugee crisis. A nice injection of fear, that ought to do the trick. Crikey Nigel, thanks for the poster!

Nudge a US election to open up a few more cracks? Hack, hack hack and Don’s your uncle. Let’s have an arms race. Crikey the RealDonaldChump, thanks for the tweet!

I could write a longer list, invoking many more root causes for our divisions. See previous rambles. Not to mention unintended consequences.

I’m starting to wonder if Putin is behind the appointment of Sam Allardyce as manager of Crystal Palace. Well, maybe not, but we are on a stupidity roll, seemingly now unconsciously competent in incompetence and starting to improvise with our new skill.

Anyway, back to my special day. Favourite bit, board games.

Risk anyone ?


The Adult Manifesto VI

Some days are just brilliant.

Today was one.

It is worth stopping to notice.

Or being stopped by someone who MAKES you notice.

Someone who just said thank you.

Someone who said you’d given them hope.

Then it’s worth going for that sunny run in the frost.

When the hard yards have come together and you stop having to push.

When all those little things come together.

And it runs away.

And you can’t keep up.

But you don’t need to.

It’s just time to watch and cheer.

We can be kids today.

Tomorrow there will be more hard yards.

Plenty of time for being grown up then.