RAAM Learnings

I’ve learned an astonishing amount trying to get a team ready for The Race Across America.

Maybe the long version will appear some time. Maybe not, it’s just a long list of weird stuff, like how many power sockets there are in a Town and Country Mini Van and a thousand other things I’ve neither needed nor wanted to know before.

Today’s bizarre nugget was discovered while getting everyone insured, a painful process.

I learned that you can insure against getting a hole in one in golf. That can cost you a fortune in the club bar, or so it seems.

I thought the mere existence of such a policy amusing enough.

It turns out, Barry, pod chief (what on earth that is is another long story from which I’ll spare you) and fabulous support, has not only taken out but actually claimed on such insurance.

If you knew Barry, you’d not be surprised.

He very nicely taught me the other day not to say, “over and out”, apparently it’s either over or out. Never both.

As to why, we are raising funds for ECPAT, who aim to eliminate the sexual exploitation of children:




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