The Inevitable Bob Geldof Moment

Yesterday, after months of training, Brendan Cox, Lisa Akeroyd, Charles Allum and Andrew Jordan variously left Australia and the U.K. for San Diego to get ready for this year’s Race Across America (RAAM). In case you missed it, RAAM is a 3000 mile coast to coast bike race which must be completed in less than nine days. That makes it a 24 hr per day dash from Oceanside in California, over the Rockies, across the Nevada Desert, through the plains, over the Appalachians and on to Annapolis in Maryland.

Team Endeavour (T415) are supported by 12 crew from the UK, Australia, France and the USA.

For their sins, I am Crew Chief.

The Pod leads (more on what that means another time) are Barry Doggett and Glen Cook and the RV is led by Kate Cook, further supported by a fabulous group made up of:

Hannah Owen
Tony Ilbery
William Monroe
Amanda Murphy
Kat Barton
Ben Griffiths
Kate Skraba
Jim Grindeland

We gather over the coming days, the final contingent joining the group on Wednesday.

This week will be spent collecting four support vehicles, a huge amount of additional supplies (nutrition, bike spares etc), having bike, vehicle and crew inspections and briefings, all of which culminates in the race starting at noon next Saturday.

We’ve been asked for all the ways that you can follow us so here goes:

The main Team Endeavour site:

This is the homepage for the event:

This is where you can track us live once the race has started:

Our Instagram and Twitter hashtags are #cwtraam2017
and our Facebook page is:

We are also going to add pins and photos to this Google map as we go to create a document, which while at first is just a very close approximation to the route, I hope will eventually form a record of our adventure.

Finally, and most importantly, is the primary reason we are putting ourselves through a gruelling, 24 hour race across 3000 miles. We want to raise as much money as possible for our charity ECPAT International (

All donations are gratefully received and can be made here:

Please share with your family and friends and help us raise as much as possible.

Wish us luck and get ready for a lot of social media noise but with a purpose. Dig deep (and often) and think yourselves lucky I didn’t have a full blown Bob Geldof moment.

Thanks, we hope you enjoy the ride.


3 thoughts on “The Inevitable Bob Geldof Moment

  1. Just been looking at the pins on your Google Map: the Walmart Supercenter at Flagstaff AZ followed by Tonalea in the Navajo Nation?! Two entirely different worlds in the same country. That’s America for you. All the very best, Anthony, and good luck to CWT Team Endeavor.

    • Ian, thank you.

      Yes it should be a journey of extremes and stark contrasts in conditions, terrain and culture.

      There is a huge temptation to get stuck in the logistical detail and miss it.

      We must take the time to smell the flowers.



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