RAAM – Why?

Today after a 5 long days of hard work and endless problem solving by the wonderful CWT RAAM Crew, we got race clearance. I must share the stories of the commitment, intelligence and attitude of the crew some time. I’m utterly blown away. It feels like we have been here for weeks.

We set off from Oceanside tomorrow. I’m reflecting on why we are here before I go to bed.

We got talking to the BA crew on the flight out to San Diego. They were great, took a real interest in what we are doing and why and looked after us really well.

As well as the scale and complexity of the race and diversity of Team Endeavour, we explained the charity we are supporting, ECPAT. They seek to eliminate trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. It’s not an easy topic.

The BA crew knew all about the subject, telling us they’d been trained to spot it and had protocols about how to intervene, notify the authorities at their destinations and rescue the children involved.

One explained,

“Since we were all trained we’ve spotted a dozen instances and been able to trigger interventions to save the kids.”

He then went on to say what I was thinking but didn’t dare say,

“I’ve been flying in cabin crew for 18 years. It makes me wonder how many we missed before we learned how to spot and deal with it.”

Of course, RAAM is a huge adventure and an amazing privilege, but the aim is to raise more money so more gets done to keep the children of the world safe.

All donations are gratefully received and can be made here:

Tomorrow our adventure begins for real.




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