Mindful Vinyl



I dare say that vinyl is warmer, it’s analogue, it’s real sound. I know.
As far as I can tell, the primary advantage is really that it’s on the other side of the room and there isn’t a remote control.
Consequently I’ve just listened to the whole of The Dark Side Of The Moon and then Wish You Were Here.
I had to get up four times to put on and turn over discs.
Other than that I sat and listened.
I thought a lot (I do that) but a lot less chaotically than normal. I didn’t think about work.
I wrote several letters, they went by email, but they were letters.
I watched no tv, I missed the news (that never happens).
I may have ordered a few pretentious jazz albums. Ok, I did.
From my long time dormant, Tyranny of Choice theme.
(Picture from New Yorker, one of my favourites)