Mindful Vinyl



I dare say that vinyl is warmer, it’s analogue, it’s real sound. I know.
As far as I can tell, the primary advantage is really that it’s on the other side of the room and there isn’t a remote control.
Consequently I’ve just listened to the whole of The Dark Side Of The Moon and then Wish You Were Here.
I had to get up four times to put on and turn over discs.
Other than that I sat and listened.
I thought a lot (I do that) but a lot less chaotically than normal. I didn’t think about work.
I wrote several letters, they went by email, but they were letters.
I watched no tv, I missed the news (that never happens).
I may have ordered a few pretentious jazz albums. Ok, I did.
From my long time dormant, Tyranny of Choice theme.
(Picture from New Yorker, one of my favourites)

2 thoughts on “Mindful Vinyl

  1. Takes me right back to those days when there was nothing but vinyl. How great it felt to tuck an album under your arm and take it round to your mates to share the experience. I still have some of my original Led Zep, Pink Floyd (is there anyone who didn’t have Dark Side of the Moon?) and Deep Purple. They still sound fab.

  2. I wonder if there is some research to be done on the way we evolve from Far side to Dilbert (or not) to New Yorker cartoons?

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