Bob the consultant and the Brexit Business Plan

While I’m generally of the view we should stop the rearward sniping, work it out and insist the solution is actually a proper plan and a sensible option, so as on the one hand not blindly meander off into oblivion because the people have spoken, yet on the other hand not think it remotely credible that the status quo is much cop either …

This made me laugh. Worthy of Yes Minister meets The Thick Of It by my old pal Tony who will by now be far too busy with tv execs to bother with me:

Nog's Musings

Bob the management consultant is called in to UK Futures Ltd. He’s meeting Bill, head of Business development to give an external sign off on a new business proposal – “Project Break Free”.

Hello, I’m Bob.  Thanks for calling me in.  So can you give me some background? What exactly is “Project Break Free”?

Well, its a very ambitious and ground breaking project, we’re all very excited about it.  We’re looking to revolutionize our Sales operation.

Sounds interesting. What’s involved?

Well, we have a number of sales agreements in place with 27 primary partners/customers and 50 odd sales agreements with secondary partners.  We want to radically change these Sales agreements in order to increase our sales.

Why? Have sales been disappointing?

Yes, we’re only the 5th largest company worldwide. Well, we were.

What, are you 4th now?

No, 6th.  Unfortunately the markets got wind of our plans and reacted quite badly.


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